>>  Sunday, July 26, 2009

I wanted to get my thoughts in order for myself (and anyone interested), about what I will be talking about next time: I want to further explore educating children about animals; and the way culture indoctrinates us into accepting our "use" of animals.

I also want to discuss "moral shock" and "After Shock" - And my experience learning that even professional therapists have moral dissonance in regards to our treatment of animals, and what their "advice" to me was.

I will also include a clip from episode 9 of Jordan Wyatt's Jay Wont dart podcast, as it's a perfect segway into some other issues about veganism that I wish to discuss. Thanks Jordan for letting me use this piece... And for all your other podcasts that you so cleverly discuss animal rights and veganism. :)

Finally, I want to talk about advocating for animal rights in a peaceful manner, but how personal experience with hostile "anti" animal rights people, makes me believe that this may not always be so. On this subject I'll be reading a comment from someone who is a "proud speciesist" vs. the other kinds of speciesists who are "humbled" by being "animals on the food chain". Either way the dichotomy is clear: use animals because we are animals... or use animals because we are "better" than they.

I also want to address those people who think it would be sad, if (farm) animals were to go extinct, by telling you about Liz... and the other hens in this flock of refugees, who I share my home with...

For now, thank you Gina, Tony and Veggie Girl for emailing your stories to me and allowing me to share them with others.


Anonymous August 3, 2009 at 6:12 AM  

Yes, that's a point I grapple with too that we don't do anything for animals in captivity or for animals being killed. But if it were humans we would. That makes me think we probably are speciesist. Everyone is, to different degrees. So really no one can call someone else that either - cuz we all are by letting what happens to animals happen.

Anyway thank you for bringing this up. I think lots of people don't want to admit to this truth.