Dairy Lies

I was once what I thought was an ethical vegetarian... I never associated the harm and killing done to source eggs or milk.  In fact, in order to supplement my protein I actually ate twice as much dairy - for my "health".

This wasn't hard though - I had many reasons to "love" cheese. I was raised in a European environment. Between the French and Italians - Cheese was served at every meal.  I also worked for two years in Hickory Farms - sampling hundreds of varieties... And of course there was the weekly pizza gorges: "Extra cheese please".  It was a staple in my diet from birth...

Anyway - when the truth became known to me about what cows must endure to "give" milk, cheese, butter, cream - I realized that there was bloodshed in all of it.  Then I learned how nasty and unhealthy it was as a "food".  That was it for me and dairy.

I admit after almost 3 years... there are times I do miss cheese.  But once I ask myself "at what cost" to have that cheese (or ice cream, etc) it's not a sacrifice at all. Stolen babies, enslaved mothers, the slaughter of innocent life - No... For me the choice becomes very easy.  I've managed to satisfy any cravings with plant based alternatives... But even that has subsided - I find the "addiction" to "cheeze"
has been snuffed.

I'd never go back.  

My only regret is that I didn't make these discoveries decades ago.

Over a Thousand Dairy Calves Left to Die from Wisconsin Heat Wave