Kids and Animals -

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Mothers - Are you lying to your kids about meat?

How We Teach Children a Separate Morality for Food Animals

Kids and Animals - The Unwitting Betrayal
"My granddaughter is a very gentle kid who loves all animals. When she was old enough to work it out she asked me if they kill the cows so she could have hamburger. I took a deep breath and said "no, they wait 'till they die and then we eat them." Of course in another year or two she knew".  

"She knew".  She knew what?  And how was she able to formulate and process what she came to "know"?  

From personal experience I sort of have an idea as to what happened.  The little girl just stopped questioning.  She looked around and saw people - all "smart" and "capable" adults leading the way.  The little girl put all her trust in them. Their guidance, wisdom and honesty.  No parent would ask their child to unknowingly betray their best friend... Now would they?
No fair minded parent would lie about something like this... Unless of course, they were actually lying to themselves as well.