Easter Bunnies For Sale! Down The Rabbit Hole Of Bad Ideas...

>> Monday, April 14, 2014


by Mary Brandolino

It was colorful and fun
The new life that I'd begun
In my new cage.

I was just a little thing
When they brought me from the store
And they put me on the floor
In my cage.

They would take me out to play
Love and pet me all the time
Then at day's end I would climb
In my cage.

But as days and weeks went by
I saw less of them it seemed
Of their loving touch I dreamed
In my cage.

In the night outside their house
I felt sad and so neglected
Often scared and unprotected
In my cage.

In the dry or rainy weather
Sometimes hotter sometimes colder
I just sat there growing older
In my cage.

The cat and dog raced by me
Playing with each other only
While I sat there feeling lonely
In my cage.

Upon the fresh green grass
Children skipped and laughed all day 
I could only watch them play
From my cage.

They used to take me out
And let me scamper in the sun
I no longer get to run
In my cage.

Once a cute and cuddly bunny
Like a little ball of cotton
Now I'm grown up and forgotten
In my cage.

I don't know what went wrong
At the home I did inhabit
I just grew to be a rabbit
In my cage.

But they've brought me to the pound
I was once loved and enjoyed
Now I wait to be destroyed
In my cage

Now that's a sad ending isn't it? You too can speak up about why it's such a bad idea to purchase rabbits (or chicks) for children by hopping over to this post at the VeganElder blogspot. 

Or you can copy the letter below that was written by my vet Mitsie Vargas:

Around Easter, many pet stores stock up on hot items including live chicks and rabbits.  These animals are often given to young children as presents. After Easter the number of relinquished rabbits and chicks overwhelms many shelters. The current proposed bill will result in extremely young and delicate chicks, ducks and bunnies being sold as Easter gifts. These fragile beings will also be dyed further inflicting unnecessary distress in these animals. The dyed appearance will cause them to be objectified and treated as toys, not as living beings.

Many folks think rabbits and chicks are low maintenance pets that only require a small cage and little attention. The truth is, they have special dietary and housing requirements.  Rabbits need a balanced diet of pellets, fresh lettuce and other vegetables, and grass hays.  They also require daily exercise and space enough to perform 3 consecutive hops in a cage.  Chicks grow into chickens. They are omnivores but should be fed commercial chicken feed. They need roaming space outdoors. Roosters when they hit sexual maturity, have the potential to become aggressive.  That small Easter gift of a bunny or chick can also pose a health hazard to your kids or end up victimized by young children. Young kids tend to be rougher and not understand that rabbits can easily break their backs when handled.  Plus rabbits have long toenails that leave deep scratches especially if handled improperly. On the other hand, chicks can carry salmonella and E. coli that may cause serious diarrhea and possible death to young children. 

Rabbits are the third most relinquished pets to animal shelters, which are usually equipped to handle only a few rabbits and rodents at a time. Most end up being euthanized.  Rabbits and chickens that do not make it to a shelter are often released to the wild to fend for themselves and those that do not starve to death, become easy prey for predators in the wild. 

This Easter season share in God's goodness and honor his creations by refusing to buy, give or accept live bunnies and chicks. Chocolate ones are delicious and do not result in any harm.  

I can add another reason why most rabbits (and other delicate creatures) do poorly with most kids... 

We all love the idyllic image of children with soft, devoted caresses lavished to their bunnies...

But let's face it... Most of the time kids would much rather play with their electronic gizmos and video games, and then the tearful poem is recited again. :'(

So instead of buying a bunny why not let your kids "assemble" one of many right here: Bunny Puzzles

Like the video says: Please treat the lives of others gently and respectfully. Go Vegan.

"Hopping" you have a very friendly Easter. ;)


In My Absence...

>> Friday, March 7, 2014

Will trying to avoid sitting on a black cat who occupies a black chair qualify as good enough reason to be so scarce in blog postings? I thought not... But it has to be a temporary excuse to explain my absence. I'm not ill, injured or "MIA" - Just super busy with assorted life events that I hope will conclude in the near future. 

Till then... Maybe Oz can learn to type? :D


An Unconventional Holiday Wrap-Up ... Vegan Style

>> Sunday, February 2, 2014

Almost twenty-five years ago my husband and I bought our first home. We were w-a-y over-stretched financially with all the things we wanted to change/improve "immediately". So... We did what many other new-home owners do - We both worked two jobs. These grueling hours extended through all major holidays from Thanksgiving well past New Years... That didn't stop us from decorating the tree and house though. Even if no one was home to enjoy and celebrate the donning of festivities - Our new home had been decked out just the same.

And so it was that these jobs kept us from taking down the merry and the holly for a considerable amount of time afterwards. We joked that we could have kept the tree up and decorated it with Valentines decor... And the "green" would be perfectly suited for St. Patrick's Day too! But - The decorations managed to get boxed up by February 12th. Barely.  And so it happens every year since, that some stray Christmas memory lingers around... A card that comes late in the mail. A hidden, stray ornament... Even the persistent single strand of tinsel that escapes the vacuum cleaner till July makes wrapping up the holidays almost a year-round affair.

I'm not packing the Fa-La-La/Auld Lang Syne memories away just yet this time either. I've one more special gift to mention before I do. You see, I'm an extremely lucky person... As I've mentioned before my veterinarian is vegan (how cool is that?) and I also have the greatest fortune of having neighbors who are also vegan and wonderful bakers too!

On New Years Day we were given the most delicious Raw Vegan Cookie Dough Bites... And before long there were only three left so here's to putting away the last of the holiday cheer, this go-round.

Lastly, I'd love to say there was some influence from me that directed my neighbors to go Vegan Style... But nearly three years ago they came to me - Just like this: Vegan-aware and vegan-friendly. So who says things aren't changing for the better? Don't stop advocating. Don't stop telling speaking out... In ways you don't even realize, you're making a difference. It really is true that good people are listening! ;)


Speciesism - Our Prejudice Against Other Animals

>> Saturday, January 18, 2014

Speciesism The Movie is going to be no doubt, a conversation starter and eye-opener in the non-vegan world.  I personally can't wait for it to be released at an event near me. In the meantime you can watch and share seven installments as follows:

1 of 7
2 of 7
3 of 7
4 of 7

5 of 7
6 of 7
And it concludes with 7 of 7 

This issue is the ultimate test of our day. It's the pivotal last chance we have to live in a way that is consistent with our intent to civilize ourselves. Recognizing our prejudice against others is a first bold move to progressing as a culture.  We must acknowledge the irrefutable evidence that harming others can never be justified. There are *no grounds* to deny nonhumans the benefit of equal fairness and equal kindness. Nothing justifies our use of anyone.

Please, if you are serious about following the values that you cannot argue against - Live as an ethical vegan