On Washing Away The Stench Of Dear Deer Blood...

>>  Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My neighbors, not the vegan ones and not the ones who disliked my avocado tree (that has regrown like all get-out)... The ones who live right off the lake in a mini-mac from the 90's. The ones that hold a huge get together twice a year - Memorial Day being one of them. Mega-family travels down from the Carolina's, and I'm told a few of them "bring food" obtained through their "hobbies": Venison. 

Now as my good friend Andy L. rightly points out... The smell of cooked blood during these holidays can be overwhelming (read: disgusting). My neighborhood is no exception with the stench of cooked dear deer blood and all the other species from other neighbor's grills.

So what's a vegan to do? Well I could stay inside... But I love my yard and the outdoors calls to me!  And I have a wrap-around six-foot high fence that keeps my loved ones safe and maintains my privacy - Sadly it doesn't block out odors though. And as I look and ponder this fence, I notice it could use some sprucing up... There's nothing like the urgency of a (loud) pressure washer! Vroom!

But pressure washing can be a lot like raking - It's hard to know when to stop. First bushes must be hedged, the beds blown out... And while your at it... As long as the extension cords and hoses are completely unfurled, you might as well do the walkway, driveway, doors, windows, deck, garage floor, etc. etc. Now you get the idea. Yes?

This has all lead me to a week-long event of "playing in water", making lots of (annoying) sounds and best of all, my car has had to be parked right in view to road traffic... Maybe the clan of deer-killers got a good eye/ear full on their thee-day blood-cooking fest? One can only hope... 

So for those reading who might enjoy the smell of cooked blood of any species - Please consider your neighbors. Not only those who wretch at the smell... But your nonhuman neighbors who's lives are stolen for your bizarre and unkind habits. 

Me? I had portobellos on the grill with home made seitan - It was the best! ;)


Baby, we just gotta get you off the milk... Dairy is a killer!

>>  Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And who wants to bet this human mother doesn't even nurse her own? And that this mother is not even weaned herself?

It shouldn't come from a cow! Go Vegan.


Delicious Alternatives to an Intolerance of Dairy Cruelty

>>  Friday, May 16, 2014

The above video is from VeganGaymer - Vegan since late 2013 and a real dynamo in cranking out vegan advocacy videos and Health & Ethics blog posts! Hooray for one more cool guy on our side of social justice issues! ;)


In Honor Of The First Mother - Before Breath Was Capital

>>  Thursday, May 8, 2014

There's lots of dates surrounding the eventual and official Mother's Day in 1914.  Different groups worked on making this happen for decades before it did. But I'd like to look not at the first Mother's Day... But the First Mother instead.

I wonder sometime what it must have been like eons ago when each specific birth was critical to man's survival. A time when we were pushing our numbers just to diversify the genetic pool. A time when there were so few humans that each woman who bore another human was revered. Indeed... A time when all life-bringers were honored. Nurturing was a cherished gift.

What must it have been like for a First Mother who's numbers had now sufficiently expanded that the miracles of birth and life were commonized? What did she think when life itself was commodified? When breath became capital?

I see a First Mother who spoke loudly in protest of killing the creatures in the forests... A First Mother who pleaded with others in the tribe that trees and plants would sustain them. A First Mother who wept when the great aurochs were made unfree and held captive for the purposes of man. A First Mother who's dutiful gathering of sustenance was halted to tend to cattle instead... What did this First Mother think when she stole the milk from the goat or cow?

Cave painting of an aurochs bull in Lascaux, France

And what did this First Mother do when her husband, the keeper of chattel and cows, proposed the idea of not only consuming the milk but who made it necessary to steal the calf as well? I know this First Mother begged for the other mother... She begged for the child-calf... She wailed and sobbed and tried to reason.  But the high priests and other men made mandates from a god who demanded burnt calves flesh... So her pleas met with no mercy.

And soon it was that the First Mother would have her own sons sacrificed to greed. To violence. To wars. And to death.

To all those who still honor the nurturing, life-worshiping vision of the First Mother - Thank you for doing so through your vegan choices.

Happy Mother's Day to those who never surrendered the idea of love or World Peace: