Yard Sale Freebies & Spreading the Vegan Message

>>  Monday, August 10, 2009

I wrote about a stressful experience at a

But on the flip side... I figured to counter this negative and ugly event with some new and fun vegan advocacy: I took the clothing I would normally sell and folded each garment into a plastic bag. The front was visible and attractive... the reverse contained vegan literature.

I eventually did this with linens, towels, books and other desirable items that would fit into the plastic bags...

I filled tubs with signs on them that said "free"...

This was a great conversation starter - Many people felt open and receptive to a chat. Maybe somehow they felt "obligated" to listen since they received a "free" gift for doing so? Or maybe it was me... who felt in someway that I had given them "something" for their time to listen? In any case it was well received, and some people even asked for more brochures for someone else to look over!
It made the yardsale more productive than I thought possible... And I also used this yardsale to dump the last of my leather and silk --- YIPPEE!

I'll talk a bit more about this yardsale experience and other news in my next podcast.

In the meantime... here's a beautifully expressed vegan story at Thomas Paine's Corner - as told by Alison Banville: The Road Not Taken