Choosing Peace for Animal Rights ~ Once Upon a Vegan podcast 3

>>  Thursday, October 22, 2009

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I really messed up on this - I embedded the wrong podcast - Thank you Jordan Wyatt of Coexisting with Nonhuman Animals podcast for alerting me to the error!

ORIGINAL ENTRY: In this podcast I explain some of the reasons for a very long absence... And most of it was because of conflict. So I guess the "theme" of this podcast is "peace".

I make reference to two movies - one is The Peaceful Warrior - The story of (vegetarian or raw vegan)(?), gymnast Dan Millman who during the 1980's overcame great obstacles in order to continue to compete in his sport.

And I also noted the recent release of the movie Hunger, based on the starvation strike that IRA prisoners engaged in.

And here is the link to the peaceful protest against "The Army Experience" - where 7 women were arrested. This Army Experience is intended as propaganda to encourage young kids to join the military. Nothing like indoctrinating young kids to join war causes in the future. Guaranteed soldiers means a certainty of constant war...

The "We Are Not Your Soldiers" members "strongly believe that when the U.S. Empire's military can no longer prey on the youth it will no longer be able to wage illegitimate and immoral wars that cause untold suffering. This is the reason they have focused on this predatory pilot program by the military."

And it's because of the knowledge that we live in a very violent world that I'd like to state my position of being committed to a nonviolent Animal Rights movement. However I do reassert my belief that not all "direct action" is "violent". I see no harm in certain acts which save animals or gather undercover video as long as there is no harm to living beings and no property damage.

But here... even John Lennon knew the futility of property destruction as a means to convert the world.

So I think that the reason so many opt for violence is that violence is the easy way out... It's simple to lash and destroy rather than work for change. And too, change takes the strength to be patience. I hope that all of us can find the way to this strength for ourselves, each other and our animal kin.
So thanks for listening... "Peace" and Go Vegan.