Courting Dairy Cows... Then Eating Them - Rapacious Husbandry

>>  Sunday, February 14, 2010

So on Valentines Day I couldn't help but examine the "husbandry" practices of the dairy industry. I took a look at the extravagant courting of female cows at the World Dairy Expo.

Objectification of the Feminine:

Complete with flowers, soft smelling hay and "devoted" care - These cow "grooms" parade their female milk-slaves in front of an audience of 65,000 fellow slave worshipers. The contest I suppose is based on physical characteristics as well as "performance". Each female having been bred to maximize the amount of pounds/tons of mammary secretions her body can yield... All this of course after having birthed a calf, which she was forced bare and to forced to relinquish... Over and over again.

This is not anthropomorphism... It is a biological imperative for a mother to wish to nourish and nurture her young. But if this were allowed to happen - of course humans could not steal the milk. The "husbands" could not capitalize on the fluids and flesh their "queen cows" provide.

Love the mother... Eat the child:

The ironic thing I found about this dairy charade was in knowing that as these manicured and pampered cows were lavished with roses - At the same time their counterparts... Sisters, mothers, brothers, sons and fathers were being killed and grilled - All in the further gain of price per pound profits.

So while animal agriculture folks say they "love" their animals - The truth is plain to see... The "love" is in the "tender" rose-veal steaks, stolen from the lives of babes...

There is no Valentines Day in animal ag... Only "Value-Times"... Once your "services" are no longer needed your death is the only thing that has worth. I wonder if these romantic "husbands" bring sweets when they separate her from her child? Do they coo and woo before elbow high artificial insemination? Do they play soft romantic music as she's lead to the kill floor?
Today is a day about "love"... There is nothing kind or gentle in the raising or eating of animals... We don't need to do this. We can thrive on a plant based diet...
Please - Have a Heart...
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