An Observation About Kind People Who Eat Animals

>>  Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here's a video from Daynamoot on Youtube who says "My eye opener on the animals we consume and the information that changed my life. Go veggie".
And here's the Vegan Outreach brochure that made her aware of things she had not known before about the way animals are raised/killed for "food".
Why Vegan? Boycott Cruelty

It is obvious through this video and other vegan stories that when the reality is revealed most people are shocked... The new awareness of the exposed truth compels them to make the necessary changes to remove themselves from these brutal institutions.

And as in this video there is a need to want to tell others so that they too will commit themselves to ending these unnecessary horrors. And so an advocate is born. There is a passion and a dedication that causes the person with the new knowledge to speak out against it... It changes and reshapes the most "normal" of lives.

That was the case with me too... In a matter of days my world transformed itself to accommodate my compassionate decisions. And I suppose to friends and family this abrupt change should have seemed out of character for me who was otherwise, a conventional, "typical", "average", well grounded person.

So, you'd figure that friends and family would desire to know and hear what exactly was it that caused such a "radical" shift? What could possibly "change" a person so abruptly and completely? If a friend or acquaintance of mine went through a life changing "shock", I'd want to know what it was that caused it... I'd be curious... I'd want to know what "truth" it was that I might not be aware of. But this isn't usually the case with people once they know your "discovery" is about "food animals". Suddenly, the most caring, concerned, inquisitive and responsive "friends" abandon all interest. Why is that?

They either say "I already know" - In which case the logical question has to be - Well how can you continue to condone such practices? Most know they have no logical "reason" and so opt out of the whole conversation...

Others might say that they don't want to "know"... In which case they probably already "know" but have compartmentalized the information somewhere between the McDonald's farm fantasy and their taste buds. In both cases though... They just don't care enough to make a difference, even if only in their own lives.

Now, that has to be okay... It's their choice and thus far, they can find tons of legal "sanction" with others who continue to look away, to not know and to continue to eat animals. But my gripe is with what they wish to call themselves. What they perceive themselves to be. It's just not the truth!

They want to be called thoughtful, compassionate people - But this is not reality.

It is not "kind" to continue a practice that causes suffering and killing. And while these people may be able to delude themselves with words that really mean nothing in honesty... I'm also free to call them on it. If you deliberately pay someone to slit a cow's throat - even though it's entirely UNNECESSARY - It is NOT kind - It is cruel.  And I know how you all like to think of yourselves as "animal lovers"... But it's just not reality.  You only want to wear that fake mask that everyone else who eats animals hides behind... It's an illusion - And I call you on it!

Either killing innocent animals needlessly concerns you enough to stop doing it... Or you just don't care "enough" to experience any inconvenience that you think you might suffer should you cease to eliminate  animal slaughter.

So if anyone truly wishes to be compassionate... To be just and fair they will go vegan.  All the rest is lip service...