Speciesism, Oppression, War, Politics & Elections... Why Critical Thinkers Should Care

>>  Thursday, October 28, 2010

“We have been at war with the other creatures of this earth ever since the first human hunter set forth with spear into the primeval forest. Human imperialism has everywhere enslaved, oppressed, murdered, and mutilated the animal peoples. All around us lie the slave camps we have built for our fellow creatures, factory farms and vivisection laboratories, Dachaus and Buchenwalds for the conquered species. We slaughter animals for our food, force them to perform silly tricks for our delectation, gun them down and stick hooks in them in the name of sport. We have torn up the wild places where once they made their homes. Speciesism is more deeply entrenched within us even than sexism, and that is deep enough.”
Ronnie Lee, founder of the Animal Liberation Front

As we're getting closer to an election many people identify themselves with either a political party or an ideology... Perhaps you're not a "leftist"... Maybe you don't even align with "progressives" - But at the very least, everyone should think of themselves as a critical thinker.  If so, then you should be open to listening to and questioning other beliefs... To see if they stand the scrutinized test of your own logic. Well do they?

Speciesism: The Forgotten Oppression -- Why Should The Left Care?