My Vegan Story Redux

>>  Monday, January 17, 2011

Well here it is almost two years later and I'm still trying to tell "my story."  And granted I made a good try at it albeit awkwardly in some personal posts here and there... And while my awakening to animal rights was actualized by the discovery of lies about circus "performers."  I know that there was something much earlier on that lead me to genuinely care about what I learned.  And it is this something that I'm determined to reclaim as my own again.  So, with the wisdom of Benjamin Button who said "Life can be best understood by looking backwards"; This is what I intend to do.  To re-tell My Vegan Story Anew.

I'm certain I don't have the discipline to recall events or thoughts in chronological order... But I think it's only appropriate to begin with my earliest memory of an animal.  The memory isn't held through experience but through this image...

I'm sure I was told to be gentle. And that holding this un-named black cat was meant to be one of a million good teaching moments about animals...
To be kind to them.
See Mom, I learned well.