Being Vegan is NOT a New Year's Resolution!

>>  Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Jan 1st I celebrate 4 years of making my choice to be vegan... 

No, oddly enough, this high-day of resolutions isn't what marked my decision! And I never did understand how people could put off doing the right thing for some future time... How they could choose some distant day to act upon ending a wrong.  Obviously to them doing the right thing comes with great sacrifice.  
Too bad they feel that way.

It's almost as strange as people who want "welfare" measures for the animals enslaved for their "pork" and "eggs". They take comfort in knowing that by such and such eventual year,  things will be improved to "acceptable" standards.  Makes me want to ask them if they will eschew those products till then? Of course the answer would be "no".  
Too bad they feel that way.

My Jan 1st unplanned, unscheduled and unrehearsed  commitment happened quite by coincidence... At a New Year's eve get together - I mentioned to someone that I was going to the circus.  The next morning I was sent an email with a link to the awful truth about what happens "under the big top".  And there on the page was a word I never heard before: "factory farm".  I clicked, and then -  "The first time I saw a pig in a cage... I knew immediately that this was wrong.  I didn't need to check with an "authority" or anyone who might explain (or excuse) why that pig was in a cage.  Without the help of words my mind clearly saw this pig as a victim."  The person who sent me the link thinks going vegan is too extreme.
Too bad she feels that way.

So I'd like to add here - That I also didn't need a particular time, a special hour or a calendar date to respond accordingly.  Clearly, in my mind - whether it was the 1st of January, the 12th of never, or the ides of March - The time to do the right thing was that moment!  Four years later...     
I'm glad I still feel this way!

So on this and every Jan 1st - I intend to continue celebrating empowering knowledge... And the many life-expanding, timeless qualities it has opened to me.  It was more than a new year... It was the beginning of an authentic life! 

Happy New Year to all who do the right thing - NOW! ;)

I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again. 
~Stephen Grellet


veganelder January 1, 2012 at 4:08 AM  

"The person who sent me the link thinks going vegan is too extreme."

That sentence nearly cause me to fall out of my chair. Good grief. That's about as creepy as it gets.

Happy New Year to you and your important beings too, Bea. (excellent post, thank you)

Too extreme? That takes the cake.

CQ January 1, 2012 at 8:16 AM  

That comment surprised me, too, VE. Interesting how it contrasts with Bea's response. She not only absorbed the message about the harm of circuses instantly, but took to heart every other form of violence she witnessed on the Internet on that defining day.

Bea, every time we tell a story, every time we share our deep feelings of love and respect and compassion for animals, as you have done here, it becomes such a powerful way to testify to truth.

Sharing the footsteps we have taken in our walk toward the light is powerful, convincing, attractive and even endearing to listeners. Much more so than arguing with them, analyzing them, attacking them, and trying to outline what they should do or not do.

My resolve to stop arguing with or controlling other people didn't wait 'til January 1. It came to me gradually, in recent months. Now, finally, I feel ready to fully implement this decision. It just so happens that I'm writing this on New Year's Day! :-)

In other words, no one told me that I MUST quit trying to manipulate them or change their mind on this subject. I got that message loud and clear only when I was ready to -- after getting thoroughly sick and tired of banging my head against a wall, of criticizing others (mentally or verbally). I didn't like being unhappy with myself for the way I presented this subject to others. I didn't like feeling so not-at-peace with my own thoughts. Time for a change of approach.

So, in the same way, I can and must -- and am happy to -- give others the benefit of not pushing them to progress beyond their current view and treatment of animals.

I will continue to quietly share my story, my growing understanding of the spiritual purpose and spiritual usefulness of animals, and my feeling of freedom and joy in allowing creatures to experience freedom and feel joy! I'll even share a few facts with those who want to hear them.

Maybe I'm a little off-topic here, but I agree with your point: once we are made aware of a previously hidden horror and awake to our own complicity in that horror, it is natural to want to disassociate ourselves instantly from it and find ways to help others to break free from it too.

Debbie January 1, 2012 at 2:28 PM  

About your comment: Makes me want to ask them if they will eschew those products till then? Of course the answer would be "no" I actually never thought about that. I know several people who absolutely agree that battery cages are wrong but it never occured to me to ask if they will be giving up eggs until the cages are gone.

Love the post, thanks!

Harry January 3, 2012 at 6:18 AM  

Another great post Bea. Thank you.

An authentic life. I don't believe I'll ever fully understand it but how, when one knows the horrors, can one consciously continue to be an active (yes, active) part of them? 'Too extreme' is unfortunately commonly uttered when another's actions match their compassion for our fellow beings.

Bea Elliott January 4, 2012 at 6:16 AM  

Thanks veganelder... "Too extreme" - But given our rational choices - we will all hear that phrase countless times in our lives. It's like there's a meter in everyone's head - And if you act on your understanding of justice... You're off their scale. :/ But so what!?!

As time goes on, their judgments mean less and less to me... Except in what carnage their thoughtlessness permits. And I intend to "extremely" protest that every chance I get. Thanks for doing like-wise. Happiness to you and yours in the New Year!

Bea Elliott January 4, 2012 at 6:32 AM  

Happy New Year CQ! "...every time we tell a story, every time we share our deep feelings of love and respect and compassion for animals, as you have done here, it becomes such a powerful way to testify to truth." Yes, I see that. Not only is it healing to testify - But hopefully that's the way we'll get others to understand as well. It's not only important to witness and to know... And to evolve - But critical too to tell our stories. They ARE empowering!

But knowing when they are pointless... Knowing when your energy is being wasted is an art acquired over time. It's easy to resist the idea that not everyone is motivated towards justice... I think in the beginning many thought the road would be easy "if people only knew!" But it takes more than facts, data and information --- They have to care as well. That's a tough admission to surrender to - But necessary to enable us to move on to more fertile, greener pastures. You can't plant seeds in barron land. Count those as some of the lessons we all learn. ~Thanks~

Bea Elliott January 4, 2012 at 6:41 AM  

Hi Debbie! Glad you can take away a new angle! That's why I don't think "welfare measures" actually enable (sincere) people to continue consuming animal products. They've got to have high enough personal standards to act accordingly way before those "improved" conditions set in. 'Else it's all for show! ;)

Have a great New Year!

Bea Elliott January 4, 2012 at 6:49 AM  

Happy New Year to you Harry! And you've got a bundle to be happy about! I hope that nothing of the realities you mentioned take a moment away from the joys your family is basking in! "They" the nay-sayers and those who pretend they're really alive - Don't make a hill of beans of difference in the scheme of what really matters. Stay extremely ecstatic!