Trash and Truth in Florida - Expose the Ag Gag Garbage!

>>  Monday, December 19, 2011

Florida is at it again!  Less than a year ago I wrote about a proposed law that would make it illegal to film animal enterprises.  Well the idea has been re-introduced under SB 1184. This bill would be added to the draconian AETA. Mark Hawthorne can tell you all about it... And about activists who are bringing this oppressive law into court.  Hooray!

Now here's an observation regarding Florida... It's about the garbage few get to see unless you go to these islands by boat.  This video with footage from a few years ago, is in a public area... It was taken after a day spent island exploring. The disgust at the filth found on these islands remained on the forefront of my mind:

Now I admit that this and a lot of other things that have happened here in Florida have me seriously disillusioned. But I used to be a walking chamber of commerce for Florida! Once I couldn't get enough of the sunshine state:

But after years of watching Florida raze untold acres of groves for housing developments (that were never built)... After a farce of a "chads" and the shenanigans surrounding that election... After watching the infrastructure deteriorate... After the awareness of it's his-story of "cattle" and meeting the most rude, aggressive and obnoxious people in the "livestock" business... And after the introduction of these draconian laws - I'm not so grateful for the sand in my shoes any more.

So here's a thought... Since tourism is so valuable in Florida - If I were to expose the extensive filth on these remote islands... And as a result cause economic damage to the industries that feed off vacationers... Would they pass a "Tourism Enterprise Protection Act"? Hum...

And here's a head start on my protest against any law that is intended to silence the truth about "factory farms" or any other portion of animal ag.

People need to know... And be reminded every chance we get - That nonhumans love their lives just like we do. They have interests in keeping their bodies and lives unharmed. Whether it's a warehouse of hens or a pasture of cows - Using force against them is not acceptable!  And I sure am NOT going to be silenced getting that message out!

Please sign and share this petition against the bill that seeks to end transparency in this animal-slave market.  
~Thanks for being compassionate and aware!


veganelder December 20, 2011 at 5:52 PM  

It may be because you live on the peninsula but I wasn't very enamored with Florida when I lived there (I lived up in the panhandle...what was laughlingly called 'lower Alabama'). Florida is, like many other states, politically dominated by big money interests and the concomitant propaganda campaigns. The destroyers and harmers always find it easier to hide their crimes than to change so "gag" bills are to be expected. They'll surface here again too.

If enough people are made into criminals, then they will become the majority...

Bea Elliott December 24, 2011 at 4:32 AM  

I used to live around the capitol... Laughingly called "the armpit" of Florida.

I'm afraid you're right though there is no escaping the overbearing, idiotic laws meant to keep the corporate politicos in power.

As it is - One in three adults will be in jail for something or other by the time they're 23... If I should join them for whatever reason - I have a feeling I'll be in good company. :/

Woe to the next generation if things digress as they are going.

Thanks veganelder - For fighting it as you can.