Humane Veal - Humane Dairy - The Mother Of All Lies!

>>  Friday, May 11, 2012

How very disturbing it is on Mother's Day to know that the one species of nonhuman so treasured for her devoted maternal ways is treated so very, very badly.  

I'm speaking of the dairy cow. The most over worked mother on the planet.  It's heartbreaking to know the abuses she endures for the sake of getting milk intended for her baby slathered on adult humans instead. It's pitiful and obscene I tell you!

And then the gall of these folks who are in the cow-milk, baby-stealing, mother-child-killing biz to have the nerve to present the farce of an idea of "humane veal" on the cusp of Mother's Day! It's irreverent!

I'm referring to two recent articles. This one recaps the two day event hosted by the N.Y. Beef Industry where they "explore" the world of veal and dairy then sit down to dine on "veal riggies". Sounds like a meal made of misery to me. 
Then there's two Vermont cow-prisons that are doing things a different and "humane" way as compared to the industrial model in N.Y. One place has only 70 cows... You can read about the conditions the boy calves live in here along with several paragraphs that describe the "tenderness" of the flesh - How pink it is. How it has more "chew" and of course the flavor.  

The other facility has slightly different operating procedures - But the goal is the same... To get people to feel good about eating "humane" veal. 
Now here's the point in the article that really got me riled enough to discuss this huge MOTHER of a LIE!
"What they have in common is that each of the farmers believes strongly that keeping the bull calves on their farm to raise them for four and a half to six months is more humane than sending them off to slaughter within days or hours of birth."
Since when does the default of compassion (humaneness) hinge on what's the minimum of kindness? Just because the veal breast or veal chop came from a creature that had a few months with his mother... Just because he had some extra time on the grass and in the sun light - He was still brutally stolen from HIS life! For what? All for the momentary pleasure someone might get from munching on his body? All for the profitability of a rancher who sells cow's secretions to unweaned adult humans? That's it!?! And this is supposed to make dairy-cow killing and eating their juvenile babies morally palatable? Joke! Lie!

There's still NOTHING "humane" about it! It's still unnecessary, cruel, violent murder of an innocent being that wanted to live and had a right to that life!  Others may call it "humane" all they want - It just isn't so! 

There is no such thing as humane veal... Merciful veal, kind veal, kindly veal, kindhearted veal, compassionate veal, gentle veal, sympathetic veal, benevolent veal, benignant veal, or charitable veal. It's the Mother of all lies! 
"Help Me" by Twyla Francois
Please - If you are not vegan - Swallow a piece of truth. Use your head and heart to figure it out... All beings love their lives and those lives are not ours to take no matter how many times you say it's "humane" to do so. 

~Happy Mother's Day to all those who truly respect the lives of others.~


veganelder May 12, 2012 at 3:07 AM  

I've decided "humane" is simply a code word for "you're screwed". "Cruel" is a code word for "you're screwed without the pretense of decency".

You are one of my favorite Moms on the whole planet...happy Mothers Day!

CQ May 12, 2012 at 12:11 PM  

"There is no such thing as humane veal... Merciful veal, kind veal, kindly veal, kindhearted veal, compassionate veal, gentle veal, sympathetic veal, benevolent veal, benign veal, or charitable veal."

Neither is there any such thing as tender veal.

Bea, your from-the-heart eloquence when speaking truth with love cannot be topped.

veganelder, you, too, speak truly.
Yes, Bea is a true mother, as the cows are with their children, when they are allowed to be.

Thankfully, mothering qualities aren't confined to women; veganelder is proof of that.

Bea Elliott May 25, 2012 at 8:41 PM  

Veganelder - I love that summation... I hope it's okay to quote you on this as it says it all!

You are a great nurturer and healer too! Happy belated Mother's Day to the life givers! <3

Bea Elliott May 25, 2012 at 8:49 PM  

Hi CQ! I appreciate your kind words - As always, they comfort and encourage.

Thanks for bringing a gentler view to these sometimes raw posts of mine... And a Happy Mother's Day for all the honest value you bring into the world. <3