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>>  Friday, November 9, 2012

This beautiful video shows Robert Grillo of Free From Harm with some quiet, quality time with his feathered family.

Two years ago Robert Grillo came to adopt and raise four beautiful hens. Doris is the star at the beginning of the film. She was rescued from a class egg hatching project. The gorgeous white leghorn is Sweet Pea. The elegant black with white speckled feathers bird is Danita. And the one seen on his lap at the end is the lovely Sandye who sadly just passed the last day of October. You can learn more about these precious chickens as well as Robert's insightful observations at the links on the bottom and side bar of those pages.

I can add very little to what is shown on this touching video - Except to say that when I first adopted Chicklett and Eunice I didn't have any prior knowledge of chickens either... I didn't expect a bond or a relationship with them. Shamefully, I didn't know chickens could respond to affection. Like most... I was taught not to know this.

But in just a bit of time I had the sweetest realization of how little I really knew about chickens. How gentle they could be - How curious - Patient - Brave - And even stubborn at times. Every quality that I knew existed in cats and dogs and in my own species could be found in chickens too!  

I have a friend who lives too far away to share these backyard outings and revelations with, but on the phone she asked if chickens were different from one another. Meaning I suppose, did they have "personalities". But of course if she took my answer as "yes indeed!" - She'd also have to accept their right to their own lives as well. She wasn't ready for that truth then. Perhaps now she'll watch Mr. Grillo's video and have the courage to acknowledge that chickens, just as all other beings desire and deserve the full measure of the lives that belong to them. And to them alone!
As Robert concludes: If chickens were simply put on this earth to feed us, as some would have us believe, then why were they blessed with these highly-evolved social, emotional and cognitive abilities? What use would these abilities serve an animal whose purpose was just to be a human commodity? Our fabricated perception of chickens is a big lie we tell ourselves every time we sit down to eat chicken and see “meat” instead of an individual who had a rich and complex life. For only by perpetuating this lie can we justify eating them.
So please, if you are rationalizing why it's okay to commodify, confine and kill birds for what you can seize from their bodies - Just stop. Please. Opt for vegan choices and keep everyone Free From Harm

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Anonymous November 10, 2012 at 8:49 AM  

Thank you for spreading word of Robert's chicken heaven, Bea.

veganelder November 10, 2012 at 9:23 AM  

The "big lie". Indeed. I confess to have been partially bamboozled...but never quite totally. As my awareness has expanded, concomitantly my respect for many "scientists" has decreased. It seems the "big lie" is potent enough (actually it's sort of a stupid lie when you think about it...the fact is that we are profoundly motivated to believe it) to infect even those "objective" paragons of accuracy and fact. I was "educated" in science for many years and I can attest to its seductiveness as a viewpoint.'s as permeated with our cultural bullshit (in many areas) as any other human endeavour.

Think of how looney and self-aggrandizing the notion is that only human animals possess feeling, intelligence, personalities..etc. It truly is a stupid and clumsy fabrication and accepting it makes us stupid and blind and...worst of all...destructive and murderous.

No other animal would be so foolish as to believe the notions we accept unquestionably.

Shame on us and hooray for the chickens!

Thank you for your excellent post!

Bea Elliott November 22, 2012 at 7:04 AM  

Hi Olivia - Sorry for the delay in reply --- I guess I got caught up in distraction in my own hen heaven. If you ever want 3 or 4 hours to go by without notice - Just start chicken-gazing. Their lack of worry over passing time is contagious and healing! ;)

Bea Elliott November 22, 2012 at 7:17 AM  

Thank you veganelder - I can't find anything you say that I don't agree with... But I don't know what's worse - The idea that some people DO swallow the idea that animals have no feelings... Or the ones that know and don't care. (?)

I spend a lot of time on youtube in assorted debates and discussions. Everything is reduced to 500 characters or less. It seems much easier to state "animals don't care what we do to them" in that blunt format than it does to explain otherwise... And of course, it never helps that most just don't/won't admit no matter how much science even says they're wrong.

And poor birds - They lack the big brown eyes of cows or "dog-like" intelligence of pigs... I can see why Karen Davis took "poultry" issues under her wing - They (and bunnies) are the most misunderstood and marginalized creatures. All too easy for people to not see the someone behind the feathers or fur. :(

Yes! Hooray for chickens & bunnies - And for those who work tirelessly on their behalf. <3