A One-Fanged Feline Helps Tell A Vegan Story

>>  Friday, May 3, 2013

Before I can continue with the most special part of my last post I must introduce you to Teco, AKA Cinderella, Thumbelina, Scamper, Princess, and Muffin-Girl. She was found eleven years ago in a cardboard box at a K-mart parking lot.  She was such a tiny squirt that my husband brought her home in his shirt pocket. In an instant she made our family complete. 

Teco grew to be an amazing being. As perfect a feline as there ever was. She spends lots of time in two different screened in rooms so she manages to frequently catch wayward lizards. You can always tell when she does because she'll bring him into the house and loudly announce her "prize". This early warning signal has managed to spare most of them... (minus a tail or two). Is she "sweet enough" to do this deliberately? I don't know. But if you knew her, you'd almost say it was true.

She's incredibly affectionate and doesn't mind giving her dog or human family a good tongue- licking bath! Oh... And did I tell you that she coos and has a singing language too? 

We love Teco! 

You can imagine how frightened we were when we thought that one of her upper fangs was infected! She never had the best teeth... But this time her gums were swollen and we worried about how to have the root of the (missing?) tooth removed. Thinking the worst we carried her to our vet. And here comes the bonus to my story.  

For the last dozen years Mitsie Vargas at Orchid Springs has been our vet. Throughout the years Mitsie has taken excellent care of my companions and was also a tower of support when I had to say good bye to some of them. Mitsie is a woman of dedicated compassion. She started out caring for animals when as a child, her neighbors brought their sick or injured pets to her for treatment. In this community as well, you can't find a person who doesn't have the highest confidence in her and her staff. And so we took our Teco-Girl to get the best care we knew of.

In a matter of a few minutes into the exam my husband and I were told that Teco's tooth had already fallen out! Completely! With some minor antibiotics the swelling would subside and the worst of any discomfort Teco had was already over! Yippee! What a relief!

But what could be better than this? The good doctor was soon to tell!

More good news? What could it be? 

The whole Vargas family is now vegan! You could have knocked me over with a whisker!

This has been a desire of mine for the longest time: To have one of the most compassionate people I know see the full picture. I never could understand how caring people (especially  veterinarians) didn't get what I thought was so obvious. But a Vegan Outreach pamphlet and a screening of Forks Over Knives landed Mitsie to the better side of her judgments.  

Upon hearing the good news I embraced her in thanks and in celebration. With mutual tears in our eyes she said, "Now I know I am really living as cruelty-free as possible".  Right you are Doc. Right you are! ;)

So this dear readers is the best of my super special compilation of vegan stories. ;)
I hope it uplifted and renewed your hope that open minds can meet the challenges of change and ethical growth. 

I also hope your own vet is inspired to compassion as well.

Teco thinks that would be a purr-fect ending too! 


veganelder May 5, 2013 at 6:53 AM  

Oh wow Bea...how excellently terrific! Vets and those who rescue animals...they are the two groups of folks that have no excuses for not being vegan. Please thank your vet for me next time you see her.

What a great cat being y'all have living with you.

Great post...thank you! :-)

Anonymous May 5, 2013 at 12:50 PM  

I agree with veganelder! Every bit of this post is "excellently terrific!" That makes two of us thanking Mitsie through you, Bea! Let us know if she ever brings up the subject of eating compassionately on her Pet Connection show, okay?

As for dear grateful-to-be-alive-and-well Teco (did she have a tooth fairy visit her yet?), perhaps she's telling you, "Hey, Ma and Pa, I can still catch, but I don't kill." Ya think? :-)

Anonymous May 6, 2013 at 2:24 PM  

Awesome news! Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, uplifting indeed. And Teco looks to be an amazing feline. Well done! :)

Bea Elliott May 7, 2013 at 11:14 AM  

Hi veganelder - Glad this news hits to right high notes for you! You and I have discussed this vegan-vet issue before so I knew the realized ethical connection would resonate for you.

...And Teco? Yeah, she truly is an outstanding cat. She too hits all the right spots for us! ;)

Bea Elliott May 7, 2013 at 11:28 AM  

Hi Olivia - Yes, I will let you know if anything is ever mentioned in her shows. But I also understand the caution in communicating this to clients/patients. For now Orchid Springs welcomes the display of vegan literature. That's a great start to advancing more knowledge where it needs to be.

Yes! I believe Teco is telling the world that her "meow" is worse than her bite! A visit from The Tooth Fairy! LOL! I'll keep an eye out!;)

Bea Elliott May 7, 2013 at 11:33 AM  

Thanks HGV - Being aware and active in the struggle to make a better world can be draining at times... So I love sharing happy news when there's some to be found.

Teco and I are very satisfied that we helped make your heart smile. :)