Yes Luiz! You did do something beautiful!

>>  Sunday, June 2, 2013

When I was first introduced to this video it had about 300 views... It now has over a million hits. This video has made the circuit on countless blogs, websites and internet news media. I'm certain you've seen it - But I just can't help but include it here as well. Why would I ever pass on the opportunity to share such pure joy?

Of course, I'm referring to Luiz Antonio, whose wisdom and sincerity is infectious!

Mom: Now eat your octopus gnocchi
Luiz: Ok mom. alright... This Octopus isn't real, right?
Mom: No.
Luiz: Then alright... He doesn't speak and he doesn't have a head, right?

I'm enamored by the way he sing-songs his case through the naming of other species:

Luiz: Octopus are animals...All of them are animals... Fish are animals... Octopus are animals... Chicken are animals... Cows are animals... Pigs are animals.
So...! When we eat animals they die!
I don't like that they die...
I like that they stay standing up.
These animals... you gotta take care of them... and not eat them!

We are all touched by you! Yes Luiz! You did do something beautiful!

Coincidentally I watched this video right behind a second listen to this Animal Rights Zone podcast that features an interview with Australian advocate and student/graduate of the World Peace Diet facilitator's course Gypsy Wulff. At about 8:30 minutes into the podcast Gypsy is speaking of her upcoming book Turning Points in Compassion. It's to be a collection of more than 50 personal experiences of fellow advocates. Gypsy Wulff also has a website by the same name. She truly is a remarkable woman.

As I listened to the podcast I was particularly tuned in when the question of how and why people eventually become awakened was asked.  After acknowledging that every one's story is different Gypsy also states that "Many of the people talk about their childhood experiences, and how there were things that made them very uncomfortable. But because as children we are powerless to make our food choices, they gradually became unconscious about it and in their adult years they come back to it." Gypsy goes on to further endorse the idea that teaching compassion must begin in childhood. She also discusses how society (especially regarding the slaughter of animals) represses these early notions of justice and kindness by creating lies and myths. And so it goes that our instincts of fairness become swallowed, silenced and suppressed by these societal secrets. 

One doesn't have to go far to see these myths in story books where cows "give" milk, sheep "give" wool and pigs "give" bacon. Further on it's evident that adults still cling to the dissonance by the perpetuation of "happy meat" and even the twisted portrayal of Suicide Food. Clearly we know what problems telling lies to children creates... How can we ever expect to raise a whole and healthy culture if we don't deal with children and our food issues honestly?

I hope every parent heeds Luiz's advice... We really shouldn't harm anyone. And with potatoes and rice and so very many more options we don't have to!

I also hope parents and other adults guide children to the books available at Turning Points in Compassion and to the sister-site Kindness is Kool. The mind awakening and life affirming materials there ought to set any child on a road to a healthy heart, mind and body. We all want a future with emotionally and ethically strong fellow humans like Luiz. Let's give them every chance to become such by the example of respecting our fellow creatures as well.


proud womon June 2, 2013 at 8:15 PM  

an amazing young boy... let's hope his innocence and understanding is not stolen from him but encouraged to bloom...

and thank you bea for the link to gypsy wulff - i had not heard of her but i will be checking out the site...

veganelder June 4, 2013 at 6:24 AM  

The mom blows me away! :-)

Thank you for the links.

Anonymous June 4, 2013 at 5:52 PM  

Actually, I HADN'T seen it before your post, so thank you! :)

Bea Elliott June 10, 2013 at 7:38 PM  

proud womon - You're very welcome! Glad to pass on good news once a while.

Hi veganelder, I agree about mom... Isn't that the way it should go though? If the lessons are valuable, wise parents should also learn from their kids. What an example of honesty and humility Luiz has to grow upon!

HGV - Well cool! Happy you got the warm and fuzzies here! <3