Circus Entertainment - Terror for Fun -

>>  Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I just saw a vid about an Asian circus... It's heart wrenching to see those confused bears try to figure out that his trainer wants him to "play" jump rope. Or the terrified pigs forced to leap 20 foot from the air into water... Then the tigers - defanged & declawed.  What madness for the elephants too ... And the chimps and kangaroos - What miserable beings they must be - trapped in our world of terror for fun. 

And if anyone thinks this barbarism and cruelty happens exclusively in "less civilized" countries - Here's how USA's Ringling treats the
"zee donk" (a hi bred between a zebra and donkey)
camels and horses in cages... 

Even a child would know that this kind of treatment to animals is wrong... Yet as one video shows parents and adults lie to the kids to make them believe that elephants, bears and lions are "dancing" and not pacing out of frustrating madness and boredom - The days of ignorance are over.  We know these are sentient beings with interests that far exceed our frivolous want of "entertainment".  People who go to animal circuses experience a shallow few hours of delight while these animals suffer 365 days a year.  Please - don't support this industry... Visit a sanctuary.  Go to Cirque Du Soleil - Rent a movie!  But Please avoid "the big top" for the hell hole that it is.