What Kind Of Puppy Is That? Why He's His Own Kind Of Course! Adopt DON'T Buy!

>>  Sunday, September 5, 2010

So there's a new puppy in our world! We found Tucker while out yard saleing. The other 3 litter mates were all being taken by one family that didn't really look like they could care for one dog, let alone three. Anyway, I asked the man how these little guys came to be... He said it was an "accident" and that he had had "other plans" for the pure bred female. Hummm...

I let him know that the shelters are over-filled with cats, dogs and little puppies who desperately need homes. I told him that about 7 million are killed every year. And that the last thing we really need is to be creating yet more animals. I hope some of this sank in and that he will change his "plans" for the female.

And on a side note about "breeds" of animals. I think it's so strange that when I mention to people that we've got a puppy in our lives - Everyone asks: "What kind?". Why he's his own kind of course! Everything about him is just as special as a little dog who would be "genetically" fixed. In fact... I dare say - Even more so!