The Purpose of a Butterfly - We Too Can Morph... We Too Can Evolve

>>  Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Folks who use animals, justify doing so by claiming that nonhumans exist for this "purpose": To be of "benefit" to man.  They say that as humans, being "The Crown of Creation", we can utilize and dispose of their precious lives in anyway we desire.

In a conversation with a woman, she told me that it was quite acceptable that millions of animals are tortured in experimentations because "that's what they were bred for."

At a Ringling Circus protest I was told that elephants were put here "By God" to be of value to "us."  Rodeos defend the brutality inflicted on calves, bulls and horses because their purpose is a matter of tradition.

Same goes for the "purpose" of minks, foxes, raccoons, rabbits and other "fur" animals. It's always the same... For food, fun or "science."  For fur, wool or feathers... It is we who define what can be taken, regardless of the cost to someOne else.

So it is no surprise that even butterflies can be sacrificed... Even for the purpose of art:

From this book "How To Draw Cats Kittens" by Leslie B Demille the caption says:  "As you might have guessed, the butterfly wasn't there, on the table.  I had to run around my yard and take a photo of it!  Chase one around your backyard with a camera like I did.  It's fun! Better yet, catch him with a net and preserve him with alcohol - no, not the kitty - the butterfly".

Now using alcohol on the butterfly might "preserve" his body... But certainly it does not preserve him.  Even so, this butterfly, in order to "serve his purpose" had to be killed.  And just like the meat industry has their purposeful systems that kill purposeful cows, chickens and pigs.  Killing insects and butterflies also require purposeful equipment:
Aka a "killjar". As the name indicates, these jars are used to kill the insects you've captured. You can easily obtain these jars from the kitchen. Any kind of wide mouthed jar (such as pickle or salsa) will do. Usually, a layer of plaster is poured on the bottom of the jar and the dried platter is saturated with a liquid chemical. Any kind of cyanide can be used but they can be very dangerous and I would strongly discourage it's use in killing jars. I prefer less toxic and dangerous chemicals such as ethyl acetate or even rubbing alcohol.

And most people would say that the death of a butterfly is of no great consequence.  After all, his tiny brain could probably fit on the head of the pin used to mount his body on... Yet, regarding butterflies there is the wondrous miracle of metamorphosis and the puzzling mysteries in their migration habits.  These things certainly seem to trump the want or purpose of being an art studio prop.  Indeed I say that each butterfly, cow, pig, mouse and toad, all have their own purpose... And it is beyond what our boastful and self indulgent flatteries allow us to see.    

Most people that claim nonhumans have a "divine" role to play (suffer and die) under man's dominion, do so under the guise of great "spiritual" edicts... But the truth is that the duties they impose on each animal is quite Earth bound and anchored in material utility and pragmatic gain.  There is nothing "sacred" about their interpretation of their murderous "circle of life."  There's nothing "holy" about capturing another living creature and defining his or her significance according to human physical desires and whims.  That ideology is hooey!  

In fact, I say that nonhumans, can impart gifts, far greater than what most animal users could comprehend.  It is to teach us how to live... How to extend to everyone their rightful due to their own existence.  These doctrines of fairness cannot ever be had by seizing the weak and creating victims.  It cannot be had by placing chains around elephants, or using whips on "stock." It' can't be had by ripping the skin off of electrocuted animals. It can't be gotten by ruthlessly injecting creatures with poisons. It cannot be embraced if we harden our hearts, as life in a jar (or kill box), struggle to survive.  This is not the way to compassion and justice! It is not the way to fairness or kindness...

I say that anyone who designates a "purpose" to anyone but himself, is the one who places himself in an unearned position of authority and grandeur!  It is they who steal the meaning from Goodness and Supreme Nature.  And such thieves who knowingly offend these sacred rules of Life, should be given no sanctuary, either through law or culture, to do so unchallenged.  For it is they who violate everything critical to the evolution of man.  It is they who delay and confound the purpose of us.

If we are ever to rise to our own exceptional potential, we must do so un-armed... We must cast down all nets of violence and exploitation... In respecting everyone's autonomous destiny we will honor our own purpose as well:

Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.  
~Bradley Millar


veganelder March 2, 2011 at 4:31 AM  

You write: "I say that anyone who designates a "purpose" to anyone but himself...".

What a great truth. Arrogating to ones self the idea or notion that we are able to discern and identify the "purpose" of another living being is pretending to omniscience...what crap!

Anyone with a semblance of awareness needs only to look around at human society and at what havoc humans wreak on themselves and others and the planet itself to gather that the human animal bunch is anything but we are more tending to blindness and "know nothingness" than to "all seeingness" and/or "all knowingness".

We human animals, at best, so far, in general...are most valuable at serving as an example of how not to feel, how not to behave, how not to think, how not to is embarrassing to belong to a species that cloaks itself in delusions of superiority and behaves with with such utter disregard for wisdom and understanding and compassion.

Some of us (like you Bea) are able to comprehend and see and live in ways that would begin to fulfil the possible potential offerd by our species...but the great majority of us seem to be quite determind to cling to some delusion of our positive qualities while living as the most cruel and destructive members of the community of life. What a terrible, horrid state of affairs!

We (most of us) are intoxicated with hubris and in some kind of drunken frenzy proceeding to destroy all who come near...or not so near...all the while proclaiming our superiority and greatness and disdaining and declaiming any who disagree or object.

Maybe we can, maybe we will...morph...evolve. Right now though we seem best to be serving as an example of how not to be...of how not to live. Human example of life gone wrong.

Krissa March 4, 2011 at 10:22 PM  

I love this post. As someone who moves spiders, snails, earthworms and so on out of the way before they get smashed (intentionally or unintentionally) by my fellow humans, I can really appreciate what you have written here. Our love and care should extend to all creatures, great and small - and plants. ... I will reserve comment on the "god put them here for this" non-sense. I'll end up ranting if I don't. ... Thank you for this well-written and thoughtful post.

Bea Elliott March 6, 2011 at 4:01 PM  

Thanks Krissa - For reading AND for returning these insects and bugs to a safer place. We sometimes suffer extreme droughts here in Florida and the earthworms in their effort to find moisture loose their way from the soil.I always find it very rewarding to be able to catch one before the sun dries them out and dig a nice, cool hole somewhere for them to return to. I know they are grateful - Because (thinking like a bug) I would be! ;)

Krissa - Your efforts are never lost... As I know you know - kindness is it's own reward! <3

Bea Elliott March 6, 2011 at 4:32 PM  

Hello veganelder! Agreed: "crap"!

Most of our species have totally cut themselves off from their emotional intelligence. We're great at being automatons following whatever consumer/culture whims are thrown at us... I see all that you say when I look at "us" as a collective - Yet odd as it is, one by one, we seem to be like little children desperately searching for better ways.

More than feeling embarrassed by my kind - I feel a great pity... Which is only lack of respect. I know we're better than this!!! It's like as if (man made) life's situations are geared to keep us from ever reaching beyond the mundane, trite and material pleasures. They want to make us think we're hard-wired to respond only to immediate physical gratification... And that's so wrong --- Not only in fact--- because there *are* the exceptions such as you, and me and many, many others who've questioned this limited mindset... But it's wrong because it attempts (and too often succeeds) at becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many think that's what they should be... Thoughtless, mindless, without spiritual connection --- And well, sadly that's what they become. :(

I can only hope that since we are on the cusp of an urgent need to change, that the rational, truly "self-interest" motivations will kick in. I know we're destined for greatness - We only have to get over ourselves to get there! HA!

As always, thanks for dropping by and for your valued input! ;)

Anonymous October 3, 2011 at 1:45 PM  


Bea Elliott October 6, 2011 at 9:32 PM  

Hear! Hear Anonymous! You're singing my song! EVOLVE indeed!