Silly Easter Hats and Eating My Bunny ~ What's Food & Who's Not

>>  Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yep, that's me in my Easter bonnet!  I guess I was 7 or so when this was taken. I'm sure I thought I was real "chic" to not put my arms in my coat... And don't ask what I'm holding! But I think it was a doll...

I do remember one thing very clearly about Easter though, maybe it was the year this photo was taken or the one before.  I remember I refused to eat my gorgeous chocolate bunny that held center stage in a modest basket.  You see, my little mind was very certain that this was an animal and I knew animals shouldn't be harmed.  So long after the cream-filled eggs, jellybeans were gone - the bunny remained in the basket, isolated in the sea of plastic grass surrounding him.
It probably was a lonely sight and after a few days, when the holiday glow disappeared, I remember my Mom asked me, "Aren't you going to eat your bunny?".  I told her no and my reason why.  I remember she laughed... I guess it was cute. A child still too young to completely grasp the nature of inanimate things afraid to harm a chocolate bunny... Yes, I laugh too, looking back at it. (Kids say the darnedest things.) 

I was reassured that it wouldn't hurt "him"... And that he wasn't "real". I was comforted by this and took a huge chunk right out of his ear tips... Each delicious bite confirmed that everything was well in the world.

But what happened was a "secret" sin of omission. I know this because that's what was inside my head.  While I was being convinced that I wasn't causing ill to Mr. (milk) Chocolate Rabbit, the unspoken hidden affair of eating cows, pigs and chickens remained untouched.  It was as if in that chocolate bunny, I was allowed to bury or transfer all worry and responsibility of harming any other "food" animal too!  In a way I think this is when I first embraced a "denial" for eating every animal afterwards.  Somehow I persuaded my gut emotions, to suppress any further questions. I think this was the first time I began to think like an "adult" about my food... I didn't want to know.  

I know, call me overly suspicious, delusional and even paranoid, but in a way I think molding bunnies into chocolate is part of the indoctrination process.  It's an easy leap for a kid to make: Eating bunnies or marshmellow "peeps" is a first step to disconnecting... But I'm glad that eventually and finally, my genuine curiosity caught up to my child-hood "hunch".  I did not think it was right to harm animals then... And I certainly am sure of this now! 

Have a sweet Easter everybody!  
And if you're aren't eating thoughtfully --- Then please! Hop to it now! ;)


veganelder April 24, 2011 at 8:01 AM  

And an excellent holiday to you and all your other Earthling friends. :-) p.s. you were a major cute kiddo.

CQ April 24, 2011 at 12:13 PM  

What a sweet photo of you & mommy and dolly(?). So innocent. I remember those days well. I wouldn't have made the connection between food molded into animals and the real live animals if you hadn't expressed it in your beautifully thoughtful way here. Thank you for that insight. Yes, it's an indoctrination that seeps under our (spiritual) skin through many devious avenues. All was NOT right, and your child-heart knew it. I'm so grateful to know your child-heart today, a mere few years after your 7th birthday. :-)

Bea Elliott May 4, 2011 at 7:41 AM  

Thanks veganelder! Hope you had an opportunity to celebrate the day with the bunnies of honor!
"cute kiddo" turned crone vixen! LOL!

Hi CQ - I'm pleased to hear that my connection wasn't so far off from making sense... Sometimes what's in my head (and heart) is a delicate thing to expose - You've made it much more welcoming and easy to do... Thanks <3