A Mother's Devotion - As Intense For Animals As For Humans

>>  Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soon it's Mother's Day and who can get enough videos and images of maternal perfection and tender young innocence!










Now, no one has to watch 10 videos or even one for that matter, to know that this nurturing bond is instinctual and is the same for every species.  I even imagine that with nonhuman animals this desire to protect, nurse, and "mother" is even more intense than with humans.  Human mothers have a multitude of distractions like telephone calls from well wishers, emails to answer, shopping lists, favorite television shows, assorted hobbies they may retreat to, and many even have "jobs" that they must return to.  So the focus on baby, while intense - Doesn't hold the same 24 hour "devotion" as it does with animals.

This causes baby-making in their non-human world to be slightly different than our own. That said, knowing how very important their infants are to them... Wouldn't you think we'd show a bit more reverence for that?  It is, aside from their lives, all that they have!

So please if you are eating animal products, remember that the entire industry hinges on the separation of mother and baby.  It is a standard course for the way they operate. None of the "production animals" ever get to experience the maternal drives many humans take for granted.

And as you watch over your own child - With love and tenderness... Won't you take a moment to consider the needs and wants of these animal-mothers too?  Do not pay men to rip suckling calves from their mothers... Do not sanction sows in crates that separate them from their newborn piglets... Do not condone housing hens as (fertile or unfertile) egg laying machines.  Don't support any practice that defiles this sacred bond between a mother and her young.  Please?  

Happy Mother's Day to all who nurture Life!


CQ May 5, 2011 at 11:47 AM  

I DID watch all 10 videos, or at least a portion of each. They all have beautiful tunes and lyrics. The photos, while of varying quality and sharpness, convey to any thinking, feeling person that the close mother-child relationship in creatures is as important and essential to them and to the world as is the human parent-child bond.

Now, if we could only relate to this simple truth: that we are all one family, one spiritual species, made and maintained by one Father-Mother: LOVE.

CQ May 5, 2011 at 11:58 AM  

P.S. I noticed that one film -- perhaps it was the second one? -- seemed to avoid showing the love expressed between mom and baby in domesticated "food" species.

Toward the end, that video briefly showed an unusual-looking speckled sheep and her offspring, then gave us a glimpse of a long-haired cow and her calf.

But nary an everyday, short-haired bovine or ovine -- and no porcines or gallines at all.

That is, no familiar farm animals whose gentle affection, expressed to one another and to us, would cause the viewer to feel anything unsettling like GUILT about eating them.

veganelder May 6, 2011 at 4:51 AM  

You done good Bea! Thank you for the effort it took to put together this post and for your effort on behalf of all mothers.

Bea Elliott May 19, 2011 at 2:47 PM  

Hi CQ - Yes, all one family from the same source of Love - I agree!

And you're probably right that the authors of some of these videos attempt to mask and protect themselves from really examining what they are *really* trying to say. The disconnect to "food animals" is pathetically sad isn't it? :(

Thank you veganelder! Often it's the posts with rants that come easiest --- I have so much to complain about. :(
Glad my efforts towards a positive view are appreciated!