Children Carefully Taught To Backward Speciesist Thinking

>>  Monday, June 27, 2011

A first grader won a drawing contest promoted by the Idaho Beef Council.  In this image there's a man extracting milk from a cow's udders - They are standing on green grass in front of a red barn.  Riding on the rainbow that extends the mountain ranges are depictions of a pizza, an ice cream cone, a glass of milk, a burger and items made of meat.

Now... I know this is young child was not born into thinking that the cows were meant for such "productions".  I know this young girl wasn't told the whole story of how the cows and their babies are killed.  She wasn't told about the force and might used in the making of dairy and flesh...  She wasn't told that there are other choices to make --- But I'm most certainly sure she was told that the cows are happily here for us to use:

So her artistic work won the Cattle are Amazing contest giving her a $100 certificate for toys and a field trip for her class to go to a cattle ranch.  (amazing) :/

And so (not) astute are these Beef Council folks that not only have they restricted clear thinking in this little girl's mind - But they also presented her work in reverse as well! 

Guess that's okay... The "products" are all there.  I'm certain too - That they don't care at all that her emotional intelligence is directed "backwards" as well.

Parents: Children will listen - Please teach them respect, compassion and kindness. Don't teach them hatred for other species. Please live justly - So they will do the same.


veganelder June 28, 2011 at 6:08 PM  

Your post content sort of reminded me of the stories of children in Hitler's Germany and in other totalitarian states where children were brainwashed into turning in their parents to the police for saying things critical of the authorities. When young we are astonishingly easy to influence (as are many of us when older). Honesty would suggest that the trip to the cattle ranch would include letting the children castrate the baby cows...with no anesthesia and letting them listen to the screaming and letting them see the aftereffects on the baby. But, after all, honesty or justice is not what is sought here, is it?

If only...

Anonymous June 28, 2011 at 7:01 PM  

In one of his talks -- maybe his "Living In Harmony With All Life" CD -- Will Tuttle talks about how he was so intensively programmed that he didn't blink when, as a child, he went on a field trip to a farm where a cow was killed in front of the group of kids -- to teach them where their food comes from.

Will says that even though he saw the cow mightily resist her execution, straining and struggling with all her strength, his heart didn't feel anything for her as he watched her lose her battle for life.

Yes, animal ag truly is a form of totalitarianism.

Bea Elliott July 4, 2011 at 10:58 AM  

Honesty veganelder? I have all but given up on the idea that it's ever possible to undo all the lies to get to that ground. With every plotted indoctrination foisted on kids - The deal is sealed effortlessly. Sad. No contest here... Everyone's the looser. :(

Thanks for showing up to another one of my rants...

Hello Anonymous - I know the experience Will Tuttle speaks of - He talked about it at a presentation I was fortunate enough to attend.

I'm sure he has great regret at not sympathizing with the cow as she was killed...But children are sponges - So eager to follow the lead of their adult teachers... How could he have felt any different?

In line with his wisdom it's obvious the harms done are magnified beyond calculation: The physical killing of the innocent and the spiritual theft of the young human victims. So tragic is the loss that most haven't the courage to even acknowledge it...

Thank you Anonymous for being brave enough to do so!