On Fathers Who Kill And Fathers Who Heal

>>  Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here is a story about a father who had a lovely child who also grew up to have a beautiful children as well.

But... "What was supposed to be an enjoyable evening of rabbit hunting with Grandpa took a tragic turn for a 9-year-old Lubbock girl."  (emphasis mine). 

This man was also said to be a "spirtual leader" in the community.

But this cannot be so!  A "spiritual leader" does not corrupt the essential loving nature of a child.  A "spiritual leader" does not inflict unnecessary harm to the innocent.  A "spiritual leader" does not condone frivolous, acts of violence.

On this father's day - I choose to acknowledge just a few of the men who I consider to be honest guides in the quest for spiritual enlightenment.  Men who cherish peace and nonviolence.  Men who are strong enough to be thoughtful.  Men who are courageous enough to be kind.


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Will Tuttle author of the World Peace Diet and Go Vegan Radio founder/host Bob Linden discuss the fallacy of male dominance and the damage done to our culture because of it.
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Gary Francione - Father to the Abolitionist Approach

I'm Vegan: Gary Francione from Eric Prescott on Vimeo.

And there are countless other figures and "fathers" who I respect, because their message and actions do not condone needless killing - But rather promote a gentler, kinder world.

So... to those who see hunting as a "sport" - To those who have no problem warping the authentic pure nature of a child... To those who spread and live the lie of "dominance by destruction" - Your deeds are reckless and poisonous.  And just like the father who planned the killing of a rabbit - Sometimes the cost of doing so is paid by unintended victims.

It would have been better had this man cherished the things worthy of value... 
On this Father's Day and for the ones that follow - It would have been a sweeter outcome for all...


veganelder June 20, 2011 at 9:40 AM  

Yep, if the fellow had values that included preserving life then things would have turned out better. I'm always ambivalent when I read about hunting "accidents". I'm glad the rabbit escaped (presuming she/he did).

Engaged in teaching children about the pleasure of inflicting harm, pain and death on those less powerful than himself...he accidentally inflicted harm, pain and death on someone less powerful than himself.

I wonder if the lesson was learned? I wonder if the pleasure was felt?

Great post, thank you.

CQ June 20, 2011 at 3:26 PM  

After such a senseless death, one has to wonder whether anyone in the Christian school has had second thoughts about shooting at any living being ever again.

One also has to wonder how any child ever escapes the peer pressure of family tradition. When that tradition involves the arrogant domination over powerless animals by certain "Christians" who are sure they are right about everything, the children are desensitized to killing at SUCH a young age.

I have to trust that the loving
Creator of all, who would NEVER condone the murder of a single little one, is gently leading the way out of the hellhole called hunting to any anguished, humbled heart ready to be reformed.

Bea Elliott July 4, 2011 at 11:19 AM  

Thanks veganelder - I too have all fingers and toes crossed that this rabbit and every other one escapes the miserable plans that humans have in store for them.

The juxtaposition of the child victim and "game" that ended in such a painful lesson reads like an Aesop fable. I hope the wise take heed. I really do. :/

Hi CQ - That would be fitting if at least this tragedy made some positive changes within that community. At least that would spare other lives...

Whether Creator or our own common decency - I hope you are right that we'll find our way towards a compassionate world. Thanks.