Lyn White - An Animal's Australia Vegan Story

>>  Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here is the web version:

Full version here.

I think anyone would agree her journey is a remarkable one.  And her dedication has made a huge impact in the awareness of people who would otherwise not care at all.  She's pressed the issues of "live export" and shut the industry down for a time after investigating slaughterhouses in Indonesia.  If you've seen her account of Tommy's story - You'd know, it's something that will stay with you for life.

How Lyn White manages to remain positive... How she still attempts to see the shining potential in our culture is a mystery to me.  Yet - I derived a sense of optimism after listening to her speech.  Just passing it on with the hope that it might do the same for others. 
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proud womon March 31, 2012 at 7:06 PM  

Lyn is truly inspirational in her ceaseless advocacy on behalf of the voiceless here in Australia...

how she remains positive - and sane - after seeing the brutality she has i don't know either...

CQ April 1, 2012 at 4:28 PM  

Bless Bea for posting this. I sent Lyn's full-length speech to a number of friends and have gotten nothing but praise back.

It just occurred to me that I have still another friend with whom to share this -- someone who today gave me the NYT print page on the "ethical meat-eating" contest; in return, I emailed her Melanie Joy's wonderful new 1-hour talk:

This friend seems to be inching away from carnism. At least she understands the arguments and the feelings, and is no longer in denial.

Speaking of denial, here's an excellent summation of that "disease":

While I am not on board all of Animals Australia campaigns, I great admire Lyn's efforts and believe she's making a big difference in the attitudes and behavior of her countrymen/women, and beyond!

Bea Elliott April 6, 2012 at 8:10 PM  

Glad you like veganelder!

I agree proud woman... Lyn's fortitude and "half full" glass is drawn from a well I haven't found my way to yet. But her talk inspires me to keep trying to find the way.

Hi CQ - Thanks for the links - And you're right she is helping to reshape a very crippled culture. Good on her - And those visionary Australians who fight at her side! ;)


Oh - Just a side note to any who might be interested in what the opposition says/thinks of Lyn White - According to them -
"She needs a man":

UGH! But oddly they didn't (couldn't) refute a single thing in her speech - All they did was quote her! No problems in repeating true words! :)