Speciesism - Our Prejudice Against Other Animals

>>  Saturday, January 18, 2014

Speciesism The Movie is going to be no doubt, a conversation starter and eye-opener in the non-vegan world.  I personally can't wait for it to be released at an event near me. In the meantime you can watch and share seven installments as follows:

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And it concludes with 7 of 7 

This issue is the ultimate test of our day. It's the pivotal last chance we have to live in a way that is consistent with our intent to civilize ourselves. Recognizing our prejudice against others is a first bold move to progressing as a culture.  We must acknowledge the irrefutable evidence that harming others can never be justified. There are *no grounds* to deny nonhumans the benefit of equal fairness and equal kindness. Nothing justifies our use of anyone.

Please, if you are serious about following the values that you cannot argue against - Live as an ethical vegan


veganelder January 19, 2014 at 2:33 AM  

American "exceptionalism" (we're superior to other countries) fuels all kinds of negative and stupid outcomes. Exceptionalism is self-aggrandizement and that always includes minimizing others and then we're on the merry road to doing whatever we want (including harming others)...because we're superior.

This truth stares of in the face and we ignore it...to the peril of all life on our planet. Hopefully this voiced added to the chorus will be a catalyst. Thank you for the links.

Bea Elliott March 15, 2014 at 4:32 AM  

Oh no! I can't believe I'm this tardy in follow up replies. It's evident I suck at this blogging thing... I'll try harder in the future.

As to your comment, twenty plus years ago I thought I had become so enlightened by reading a few books on feminism. I finally grasped the evils of "othering". But the authors and I never took it to the final conclusions. We all just stopped at species and human-membership privileges.

That's why when I finally did get it it was like a brick hit me. How did I not see it completely before? Yes, it was staring me in the face while I blindly ignored it. Our humans-on-top mantras and habits are constantly reinforced by everything around us. You're right though - Unless and until we recognize the sham for what it is, we're down a merry road to the worst outcomes.

Thanks for your perspective - And please do forgive me for neglecting a speedy response.